Triple Jump


  1. The Triple Jump consists of three distinct sections:-
  2. A Hop:  Where a competitor takes off and lands on the same foot as that from which he/she has taken off.
  3. A Step:  Where a competitor shall land on the other foot to that used on the hop.
  4. A Jump:  Where a competitor shall land on one or both feet in the pit. To be a valid jump a competitor must land in the pit.
  5. No marks may be placed on the runway, or closer to the pit than the back of the take-off area, but may be placed alongside the runway.  No marks shall be placed in the pit or landing area.
  6. If a competitor, while jumping, touches the ground with the "sleeping" leg (leg or foot not used for this section of the jump) it shall be considered a failure.
  7. All long jump rules including measuring and take-off areas apply.

NOTE:  Competitors can alter the distance of  the take off area from the pit. In Centre competition if a competitor lands in the pit on the step, they are allowed another jump after the position of the take-off mat has been altered.  This does not  apply in championship events as by then  the competitor should know the correct distances from  the pit to the take-off mat.