Smoke-Free Policy


The Portland Little Aths Centre is aware that smoking endangers health and believes that all Little Athletics venues and functions should be smoke-free.

The following strategies have been adopted to promote a smoke-free environment:

1. Cigarettes shall not be sold at any venue used by the Centre.

2. Executive members, coaches and officials shall not smoke in the view of the public or athletes during the lead up to and conduct of Little Athletics events.

3. All Centre meetings and functions shall be smoke free.

4. All areas within the Centre will be smoke-free, including the pavilion, canteen, changing room, toilet blocks, spectator areas and competing areas

5. The Centre will place no smoking signs in prominent positions and remove ashtrays from all no smoking areas.

6. The Centre will ensure that smokers have a place outside the venue or out of public view, where they can smoke, and provide them with ashtrays/bins.

7. Reference will be made to the smoke-free policy in Centre publications.

8. Regular announcements will be made to ensure that members and visitors are aware of the Centre’s smoke-free policy. Signs provided by the association will be placed in the venue.

9. All visitors will be encouraged to observe this policy.

Non-compliance with the policy will be handled by an explanation of the Centre’s Smoke-free Policy to the person, including the identification of areas in which smoking is allowed. In the case of continued noncompliance with the Policy, Centre officials will use their discretion as to the steps to be taken, which may include asking the person to leave the premises or function.