Sun Protection Policy


The Portland Little Aths Centre is aware that children are especially susceptible to the sun’s rays and that skin cancer can be prevented.

The following strategies have been adopted:

1. Wherever possible competition and training shall be scheduled outside the hours of 11.00am and 3.00pm (daylight saving time).

2. The Centre will maximise the use of natural shade provided by trees and buildings.

3. Individuals will be encouraged to bring their own shade structures to Centre and Region activities.

4. Where possible, portable shade will be provided at all field event venues and track marshalling areas.

5. Officials shall promote the wearing of sun protective clothing: shirts with long sleeves and a collar, wide

brimmed or legionnaire hats and sunglasses.

6. Athletes will be advised to take umbrellas, drink bottles and sunscreen to events. Hats and sunglasses

may be worn during competition.

7. SPF 15+ or higher sunscreen will be promoted and made available by the Centre.

8. Event programs, newsletter and public announcements will be used to maintain awareness of and

promote sun protection.

9. Centre officials and coaches will act as sun protection role models.