Registration Information

Whether you are a new or a returning member this page provides information regarding registration at Portland Little Athletics Centre.

What ages can register?

Registrations at Portland start for the under six group (U6) and goes through to the under sixteen (U16) age group. An age ready reckoner is pictured below that allows you to see what age group the athlete will fall into and also, if the child is too young or too old to compete at Portland.

*** Please note that all new athletes will be required to provide proof of age (Birth Certificate, Passport, Blue book etc).

Do I have to register to compete?

While it is compulsory to register with Portland in order to compete at our centre, we do allow all new prospective athletes a free come-and-try night before registration, but no points will be awarded for events competed in that night.

How much does it cost to register?

The committee of Portland Little Athletics consider a number of factors each year in determining our registration fees. Charges passed onto us must be considered along with other running costs associated with the Centre such as equipment upkeep, trophies etc.

The Registration fees for the 2019/20 season are:

One Child:         $110.00

Two Children:    $215.00

Three Children:  $315.00

Four Children:    $410.00

*** All registration fees must be paid in full before athletes can be awarded points toward the season Achievements.

Parent Involvement

Portland Little Athletics centre is run entirely by volunteers. The Centre could not run without the support and assistance of parents. The saying, many hands make light work is true for Little Athletics, the more helpers we have the less work everyone needs to do. It is for this reason we ask that every parent/guardian provides some assistance at our weekly meet.  We only ask that you do what you are able and there is always a committee member around who is more than happy to answer your questions or show you what to do.

We do require that a parent/guardian is present at any activity that is conducted by the Centre. This includes weekly competition and training.

Portland Little Athletics supports Federal and Victorian legislation in regards to child protection. We may require a Working with Children Check to be completed.

How do I register?

Registrations can be done online via the link below.