Responsible Alcohol Management Policy




The Portland Little Aths Centre is aware that alcohol, when misused can cause harm to the drinker and others.

A responsible drinking policy has been adopted so as to reduce risks and avoid problems.

The following strategies have been adopted:

1. There will be no sale or consumption of alcohol during the conduct of any Little Athletics events.

2. Where alcohol is consumed at a Centre function the following measures will be taken:

(i) Alcohol will not be served to minors or in front of minors.

(ii) Alcohol will not be served to any person who is intoxicated.

(iii) Low alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks will be available and promoted.

(iv) Water will be available at no cost at functions where alcohol is served

(v) Healthy food options will be available when alcohol is served.

(vi) Members who have been drinking will be encouraged to use safe transport options.

3. There will be no alcohol advertising at any venue used by the Centre.

4. The Centre will not accept any alcohol-related sponsorship or use alcohol as a prize for fundraisin activities

5. The Centre will comply with Liquor Licensing Victoria (LLV) regulations.