The Portland Little Aths Centre is aware that healthy eating is a vital part of good health. We recognise that lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, non-insulin dependent diabetes and obesity are all associated with the food we eat.

We acknowledge that healthy eating can have an impact on the lives of our members, and that the provision of healthy foods will contribute to better health for all. Enjoying a variety of foods from the different food groups is the key to healthy eating.

The Centre will ensure that a variety of healthy food choices are available for all its activities. This applies to all meetings, competitions, functions and events and to all members, officials, players, volunteers, spectators, visitors and any others taking part in activities.


The following strategies have been adopted to ensure that a variety of healthy food choices are available at all Centre activities.

1. The Centre canteen (where applicable) will provide a variety of healthy food choices.

2. Healthy food choices will be available at all Centre events and functions.

3. The enjoyment of healthy eating and the role of food in relation to health will be promoted at Centre activities and in Centre publications.

4. Healthy food choices will be displayed more prominently than other foods.

5. Healthy food choices will be priced competitively.

6. The variety of confectionery, potato chips, soft drinks and ice creams will be limited.

7. The Centre will attempt to introduce at least two new healthy food choices each season.